My Secret Babe is a sugar dating website designed and built by sugar daddies! Our founders, who happen to be sugar daddies themselves, come with years of experience in technology and product management.

What it means for you is that they are quite good at designing products that people love, and they know how to build a website that offers the highest levels of security, speed, and usability to our users.

This is our city!

My Secret Babe is owned and operated by CloudWare Pty Ltd. We are a registered business in Australia and we are registered for tax purposes in Australia and United States.

Why is My Secret Babe the best sugar dating website?

Almost every website claims that it is the best website in their niche, but we have some serious reasons for our claim.

Having experience in sugar dating ourselves we underestand the requirements of both men and women:

Where we are different from other sugar dating websites is that they use women as a product to make revenue! Without women on their website they could not have charged men, right?

But we are not like that. We pay out 10% of what men spean to chat to women and see their private photos back to women.

We do this firstly because it is fair. And we do this so that women don’t hook up with any man just because they need some money.

Wait, we have something for men too

Men love hanging out with a youn, and caring woman but they are skeptical about sugar dating because they think being a sugar daddy is a costly hobby that only filthy rich men can have.

But this is just a misconception. At least when it comes to joining My Secret Babe.

When you join My Secret Babe you get 50 free credits. Then the credit packs start from onyl $20. The cheapest credit package we could find in any competitor website was $100.

If you think even $20 is too much to spend that is fine. Bring on a friend and receive 10% of any credit amount they purchase. Doing this you literally will not have to spend any money on purchasing credits after referring a few of your friends to us.

My Secret Babe is full of unique features

My Secret Babe is an incredibly secure website. We do not capture any personal information of yours. You will use a nick name to use the website and you upload your photos to private albums.

Gentlemen tend to be a bit private, which is totally underestanbale. For that reason we have an option for blurring your profile photo. Then you can choose who can see your clear private picture as well as your other private photos and videos.

You can use our video uploading feature to upload short videos and create a cool profile similar to your profile on TikTok! Believe us TikTok and Instagram are the new ways of looking cool!

If you feel someone is nice and you would like to get to know them better then simply use the video chat feature that is available at no extra cost in your mailbox. Simply click on the call button and chat. This way you don’t need to reveal your phone number unless you feel comfortable.

Women never miss the rich guys

Not so surprisingly sugar babies prefer to date richer guys. But they normally have no relaible way of telling if a man is actually rich. But we do!

We have mechanisms in place to find out who is financially comfortable. When we find a rich guy we email women about that guy. This way our sugar babies will not miss a keeper and men will receive the attention they deserve.

Talk to us

For general inquiries, investment and advertising please contact us via [email protected]