How to ask your sugar daddy for money

sugar daddy

It can be a difficult, awkward, and uncomfortable conversation when it comes to asking your sugar daddy for some ‘sugar.’ However, you have most likely entered this lifestyle to gain the benefits of a more illustrious lifestyle with money and gifts already agreed upon. Therefore, we’ve put together a guide on how to ask your […]

What to say when a sugar daddy asks what you’re looking for

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Starting a relationship with a sugar daddy can exciting! If you’re new to the scene, you may be thrilled to have a potential sugar daddy, but don’t discount yourself, and you’ve got goals to stick to! First, you must introduce yourself and your expectations the right way. Here’s what to say when a sugar daddy […]

Sugar Baby & Sugar Daddy Memes

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Like everything in life, we would like to take things easy and have some fun while working hard on our missions and objectives. We have put together some memes for the Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy topics.

Under 25 and Single? Get a Sugar Daddy!

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Until a couple of years ago, people in their 30s complained about Millenials and how privileged, inexperienced, yet overconfident they were. Now millennials have the same complaints about the Gen-Z! That is because the internet has become an inseparable part of our lives, and through that, teenagers grow much faster than ever. They are young, […]

5 tips for becoming a successful sugar baby

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So you’re interested in getting a sugar daddy, but where do you start? A successful sugar baby knows her limits, worth and is able to enjoy the work she does.  A successful sugar has a clear understanding of her arrangements Before starting out, it’s important you consider what arrangement works best for you and your […]

Is being a sugar baby legal?

Times are changing, and new concepts in love and dating are emerging. Sugar dating is one of those concepts; however, most people don’t understand why is being a sugar baby legal. If you are wondering what sugar dating is, don’t worry because we have got you covered. Also known as sugaring, sugar dating is a […]

What is a Sugar Baby?

What is a sugar baby

Do you remember a scene in Borat 2 movie where Tutar (Maria Bakalova) interviews a sugar baby to determine what a sugar baby is? The sugar baby in that scene tells Tutar that a sugar baby is a weak and submissive woman who dates an older man and that the weaker she looks, the more […]

How to Make Money as a Sugar Baby

Make money as a sugar baby

If you read this article, the chances are that you have started thinking of becoming a sugar baby. Still, you are not sure how a sugar baby can actually make money; we will explain how you can make money as a sugar baby and your options. Gold Diggers Finish Last Before I go through your […]

How to find a sugar daddy online?

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Looking for a sugar daddy? Read this step-by-step guide that a veteran sugar daddy writes to find out how you can find a sugar daddy online and overall how to get a sugar daddy successfully. Not just any sugar daddy, though. A cute and, of course, a rich one! Be where rich sugar daddies are […]

What to say in a message to a sugar daddy?

what to say to a sugar daddy in a message

As a young pretty woman, you probably have never needed to think about what you say to a guy on a dating app or when in a night club. But when you are on a high-class sugar dating website such as My Secret Babe, you are not dealing with inexperienced young guys with low self-esteem. […]