ask sugar daddy for money

At some point or another, you’re probably going to have to ask your sugar daddy for money. But money can be an awkward topic to navigate, and it’s also important to consider if you should be asking for money. So we’ve pulled together a list of advice so you can smoothly know how to ask your sugar daddy for money.

Before anything is agreed upon

Ideally, in the sugar baby world, you’ll have a set allowance that will be agreed upon once you have met and established that you would both like to proceed. 

So, figure out what you’re saving up for and what extra cash you’ll need to get there. If you need $500 a week for an exclusive relationship, ask for it. Don’t agree to something that is going to sell you short. This is the most crucial time to be stern on your prices and knows when to take a good deal, don’t be fooled by the allure of fancy dinners and nice hotels if you need actual cash to get by. 

Take this time to shop around and see what potential sugar daddies have to offer. You can do this by asking them about their previous arrangements and what compensation they have previously provided. 

How to ask your sugar daddy for money

Once you’ve given your new arrangement time to breathe and you’ve been able to assess what you believe they can afford in life, perhaps you feel like you’ve agreed to a too low of an offer. Or, you believe you’re putting in more time and work than what was initially expected. 

If you’re ready to approach the subject, just make sure you’ve assessed the situation, you’re feeling confident in what you’re asking, and you’re ready to haggle potentially. Bring up the conversation in a friendly way, explain why your situation has changed and why you will require additional funds. 

Tell them your goals 

We know sugar daddies are more motivated to keep up the cash flow if they know where their money is going BUT try to avoid a made-up sob story. So, tell them about the college degree you’re studying and the loan you’re paying off. Tell them about the career you’re hoping to launch. The gym membership you’re paying and how hard you work to keep looking fit. Whatever the goal you’re trying to achieve, tell them about it so they can help you make it happen. 

Be realistic

Receiving an allowance can be exciting for this kind of work, but don’t let the money cloud your judgement. You may be hearing of sugar babies getting much higher allowances than you, but just know a lot of these are usually made up exaggerations or circumstantial – hey, maybe they did just hit the jackpot and get lucky. Your sugar daddy has their own life to maintain and you shouldn’t be relying on your allowance as your main source of income, it’s a helper to reach your goals. 

If you already have a steady allowance that suits you comfortably, perhaps it’s not quite right to be rocking the boat and asking for more. Enjoy this good thing while it lasts.

Did the money stop?

Maybe your sugar daddy has taken it upon themselves to decide that your relationship is deeper than just a payment. Perhaps you both value each other’s time and company, so they no longer want to continue paying to see you. That’s all good and well IF you both agree, but there’s no reason for you to work for free or continue doing anything if their money has dried up. That was the agreement, so if they aren’t upholding their deal after you’ve had the conversation with them, it might be time to move on to the next. Find Your Sugar Date Now