find sugar daddy online

Looking for a sugar daddy? Read this step-by-step guide that a veteran sugar daddy writes to find out how you can find a sugar daddy online and overall how to get a sugar daddy successfully. Not just any sugar daddy, though. A cute and, of course, a rich one!

Be where rich sugar daddies are online.

To begin your online sugar daddy hunting journey is to put yourself in their shoes. You should think that if you were one of them were would you hang out online?

Rich older guys are into:

You can think and add to the above list. Depending on where in the world you live, men may have other interests such as fishing or hunting.

Now you think, “cool, now where are those cute sugar daddies?”. Surprisingly the answer is pretty simple: Where women are: Instagram!

Don’t be fooled by those cheesy Reels that teenage girls post on Instagram. Statistics show that in the United States, 43% of Instagram users are men.

Now that you know where they are, you got to find them. You can use a “Free Hashtag Finder” tool on the Internet to tell you what the most common hashtags related to a given topic are. For example, I used the below tool to find these hashtags:

#luxurycars (9.83 million people)



Don’t go for hashtags like “#cars”. Every tom, dick and harry can be on such pages. You want to go where the expensive cars are. Of course, everyone can be into expensive cars, but there is a catch:

Rich men love to show off!

For example, watch this guy’s YouTube channel. He’s literally a billionaire, but he makes cheesy videos of his Bugattis and Ferraris and uploads them on YouTube so people can see his wealth.

When you visit an Instagram page, you have to look for the same type of men: Those who show off! The show-off men either post photos of their luxury cars or post comments and tell everyone that their car is also so.

find sugar daddy online
An example of a rich guy showing off on his friend’s yacht! You can see the user names of the rich guys on the right

I spotted a rich sugar daddy. How do I fish him?

Before you go for a rich guy, you must do up your own Instagram profile first. Remove any photos of you in a track pant. Remove all the silly videos you posted when you were a teenager.

Instead, upload sexy photos of yours. Take selfies that show your assets! Even get your friends or a pro photographer to take some sexy photos. Also, don’t forget to upload videos of when you had some fun, but you also looked sexy. For example, if you have a photo or video of when you were on someone’s yacht.

Don’t forget that men are very visual creatures. When they see skin, legs or tits, they can’t think! So show them as much sexy stuff as you can.

One more thing is that even if you are broke as heck, you must look above average. Rich men don’t want to hang out with inferior women. They also don’t want to hang out with someone who has a meagre key job. Unless you are super sexy, that is always the case.

To find a job title that is not too far off reality and put it on your Instagram profile. For example, if you study at college for fashion design but work as a waitress, put “Fashion Designer” in your profile. When the rich guy asks you what you do for a living, say that you are a fashion designer.

Men want to brag about you and your status if they are seen with you.

How do I chat to the sugar daddy?

I think most girls already know how to charm a man. Follow the guy and wait until he accepts your follow (unless he has an open profile). Then send him a message and say that you like cars and you dig his car. And let the conversation grow into a more personal level where you can suggest a date.

The good thing with Instagram is that you can do your research and see if the potential sugar daddy is single or not. Happily married men always have photos of their family on Instagram, but if they don’t have photos of their partner or kids, they are most likely not too happy with their marriage. Those men are the ones that would splash out on you to get some attention and care.

My Secret Babe makes the process shorter

At My Secret Babe, we moderate every single photo and profile. We have measures to find out if a man is wealthy. And when we find a rich man, we send all women who live in that guy’s area an email and let them know that there is a good catch in the house.

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