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Until a couple of years ago, people in their 30s complained about Millenials and how privileged, inexperienced, yet overconfident they were. Now millennials have the same complaints about the Gen-Z! That is because the internet has become an inseparable part of our lives, and through that, teenagers grow much faster than ever. They are young, but they have the expectations of older people. That is exactly why you have to get a sugar daddy if you have not got one for yourself already.

I have to get a sugar daddy because I am a Gen-Z? Why?

Let me explain. Before 2016 the average age of a first-time Mercedes buyer was 52. Now it is 32. In a matter of five years, the first-time luxury car buyers have become 20 years younger. That is how fast everything has changed. Young people are making more money than people that have 30 years of experience.

The competition in life, in general, is soaring, and so if you want to become someone and not fall behind, you have to be smart and drive your life on a freeway where you can go much faster than others.

Sugar Daddy Is Not All About Money

By saying that you must move much faster than before and faster than other people your age, we are not just talking about earning and spending more money. We are also speaking about gaining more experience, seeing more places, understanding or speaking more than one language, building a professional network, and so many other things that one needs to succeed in life. If you want to gain all of that by yourself, I am sorry, you will be over 40 by the time you have a small network of people who can help you find a job, and you have some savings in your bank account.

At that time, traveling won’t be so fun as it can be right now, and you might not be able to take the risk for so many commitments and possibly even a family.

What I suggest you to do as a young and smart lady is to not waste your time with young inexperienced guys who cannot help you grow fast. At least until you pass the age of 25. If you stay on the fast lane at 25 you might be in a position that a 40-year-old man envies. Then you can have as many boyfriends as you wish!

But till then, think logically and not emotionally.

How Can a Sugar Daddy Help Me?

So I said that you must get a sugar daddy. But I don’t mean that you jump on the first rich or good-looking guy you meet on My Secret Babe. First, you have to think and decide what you would like to achieve?

These are just some of the benefits of getting and having a sugar daddy. You can think of other reasons as to why you want to get a sugar daddy for yourself. Once you know what you want to get out of your arrangement dating, then you can browse men in your area and use filters not only to see men who can offer what you are after.

Invest for Long Term

Like I said before think of a sugar daddy as a long term investment. Yes you may find a guy who gives you cash and buys you gifts here and there but that is going to be a bit superficial. The best thing you can get of a sugar daddy is something that you can benefit from for the rest of your life. Anything that can accelerate your growth and can help you establish a foundation for your life.

For example if you find an experienced man in their mid 40s who have a business or they work as a C-level manager in a reputable company then you can learn business and management from them, you can be their company when they go on business trips, and you can go to professional events with them. Obviously they will spoil you with with gifts and support you with cash but look at those as the biproducts of having a sugar daddy and not the main benefit.

Cash is good when it helps you with your future. For example one of our Brazilian sugar babies on My Secret Babe told me that she needed around $7,000 for her immigration. She did not have that much money but her sugar daddy gave her that and her visa was sorted. As you see that visa is important for her staying in Australia and for her future so that has a great value.

How to Get a Sugar Daddy?

We have an excellent article about finding rich and successful sugar daddies online, especially on Instagram. You can read it HERE.

In fact, my Secret Babe is designed exactly to help both men and women get real benefits from a sugar date (rather than just sex for money). We moderate the users and only accepts men and women who can have a huge added value for each other.