Best sugar baby headlines

We’ve put together a guide and examples so you can write your best sugar baby headlines! 

Your headline – besides your profile picture – is prime real-estate on your profile! Typically, if you’re being viewed in a list of other sugar babies, it’s the only information they’ll get to read. So, make sure you stand out amongst the pack with a headline that with peak their curiosity. So, if your current headline is blank, it’s time to add something to catch their attention!

What NOT to do in your headlines

Avoid coming across as only being in it for the money, your sugar daddy wants to know what YOU can offer. 

You want to add a headline that is inviting, shows personality, and draws attention immediately. So, avoid:

Think of it this way, when you’re looking to hire someone for a job, you’re not going to pick the person who says “I want your money” you’re going to hire the person who advertises why they’ve got the experience and are good at what they do.

Best sugar baby headlines

You want your headline to draw someone in, use it to put your best foot forward.

Your profile should typically already list your location, age and name so no need to repeat yourself here. Use this space wisely but also have fun with it! Don’t be shy to mix it up or put something extra-naughty. 

This is a chance to entice someone in with your cheeky sense of humour, your wit or your friendly personality. Find out what makes you sexy and fun to be with: and use it!

If you’re looking for something more casual, try a mix of these headlines and make it your own:

Here’s an example of some cheekier headlines to play with:

Use fun, suggestive emojis (winks, egg plants, you know the ones) to add a bit of spunk to your headlines too. 

If one headline isn’t getting any bites – or the wrong kind of bites, change it! Luckily, you can edit your profile as many times as you like, so use various options to get your potential sugar daddy messaging you.

So, if your current profile isn’t getting any messages, it’s time to spice it up with a new headline, and by now, you should know: never leave your headline blank!