Times are changing, and new concepts in love and dating are emerging. Sugar dating is one of those concepts; however, most people don’t understand why is being a sugar baby legal. If you are wondering what sugar dating is, don’t worry because we have got you covered. Also known as sugaring, sugar dating is a relationship arrangement where a financially weaker party is engaged in either a platonic or non-platonic way with an economically stronger party for some benefit.

Even though most people don’t think highly of sugar dating, this dating method has rapidly grown and become popular in countries such as the United States, England, and Australia.

But the main question remains, is having a sugar baby legal?

If you believe that sugar dating is all about having a sexual relationship with someone else for money or gifts, then think again because, in My Secret Babe, we are observing very different reasons as to why people join our website. Before answering if being a sugar baby is legal, let’s understand the concept of sugar dating in detail. 

Understanding the needs of Sugar daddy

Sugar daddy, usually the financially stronger party of the arrangement, is a man who provides financial support , including cash or gifts, to the sugar baby or the economically weaker party in return of some favor such as companionship, chatting or intimacy.

Before you engage in sugar dating, you must understand the laws and regulations around compensated sex, as they can be vastly different between countries and states. For example, compensated sex is legal in Australia so long as the one who sells the sex follows some rules, e.g., registering as a sex worker. But in the majority of European countries and most states in America, compensated sex is illegal.

Now that is also a shady area as the laws are not too restrictive. For example, if you get paid for sex as a sugar baby but you never get into the man’s car or premises, you will be off the hook! Or just don’t get paid in cash. There is no way to prove that you are not actually dating someone and that your relationship is based on an arrangement.

Sugar dating isn’t all about sex

Well men love sex so they rarely reject the offer of having sex with a young fresh woman but the reality is that so many men, including those who are married, or older, or are emotionally hurt look for someone to talk to, or just to hangout with.

We have a member named John who is 78 years old. John lost his wife last year and now after a year of grieving, he’s looking to have a caring companion and someone to talk to. He’s got one of the highest spendings on My Secret Babe but he’s absolutely not after sex. Obviously, his sugar baby adventure is absolutely legal.

How is being a sugar baby legal?

While understanding how is being a sugar baby legal, you have to understand that it is a genuine and true relationship. There is a constant presence of mutual respect between both parties. The arrangement is drafted and maintained according to the wishes and comfort of both parties involved. Sugar daddies are mostly looking for companionship, emotional support, while sugar babies are looking for financial stability and safety. But that doesn’t mean that the sugar daddy is compensating the sugar baby with money in exchange for money. Sugar dating, like normal dating, is quite organic even though there might be certain terms and conditions.

Whenever there are two parties of polar choices involved in an agreement such as this, there are new tastes and experiences for both parties. It is completely legal and safe as long as neither of the involved parties is committing crimes such as scamming, robbery or prostitution. 

How is being a sugar baby legal and different from prostitution

Even though sugar dating is about benefits, it is far from prostitution. Think of it as dating based on some arrangments. As a former sugar daddy I much prefer sugar dating as expectations and boundries are clear. Something that is missing in traditional dating. Not knwoing the expectations and intentions of the other person is a receipe for heartbreak and disappointment.

Suppose you think of it honestly; you never know if the woman you have picked up in a bar or met on Tinder isn’t after your money. Not knowing it does not make it any better. That’s why sugar dating, especially on a website like My Secret Babe, is far better because you won’t even see (or be seen) by members whose intentions and expectations do not match with yours.

Like I said, if you think of sugar dating as dating just with clear a clear set of arrangements, then there is no way to claim that being or having a sugar baby is not legal.

So, is being a sugar baby legal?

Most sugar daddies need women who are young and beautiful. Talking about financial terms, sugar babies are often given weekly allowances agreed at the beginning of the relationship.

If you want to know how being is being a sugar baby legal, then are some facts.

  1. Neither the United States government nor the Australian government has banned the concept of sugar dating. You can go through the different apps that allow sugar dating to see proof.
  2. Since sugar dating is legal, one must follow the general guidelines and rules available on the internet to be fully aware of the proper functioning of the arrangement.
  3. Check with your bank about the finances. Certain local banks have limits of monetary deposition. While entering the luxurious sugar baby lifestyle, one has to be aware of the financial limitations. 
  4. To prevent getting into any legal traps, be open about the finances with your sugar daddy. You may be able to receive support in the form of gifts, paid tuition fees, hotel bookings, and flight tickets.
  5. Another reason sugar dating is legal is that the two parties talk about their terms before they begin their relationship. They talk about consent, restrictions, barriers, and boundaries.
  6. The key is to remember even if sugar daddies pamper their sugar babies with gifts, money, and other luxuries, by no means is the latter entitled to return any favor through closeness or sexual favors. The moment there is any forced behavior and abuse taking place, it calls for legal action. This is why is being a sugar baby legal.