Make money as a sugar baby

If you read this article, the chances are that you have started thinking of becoming a sugar baby. Still, you are not sure how a sugar baby can actually make money; we will explain how you can make money as a sugar baby and your options.

Gold Diggers Finish Last

Before I go through your options, I would like to mention that sugar daddies are often older successful men who have a ton of experience in making money, keeping money, and of course, dealing with hot women. They can spot a gold digger from miles away. A man who has worked hard to build his empire and save a good amount of money is also naturally protective of his achievement and is protective towards it. Nobody wants his hard-earned money and assets are taken away easily.

I am trying to say that although sugar daddies can be generous and are often willing to provide cash and support, they do not like gold diggers. You can expect to receive steady cash and gifts from a sugar daddy only if he feels genuine and hooks up with him because you have a genuine interest in him.

Being a sugar baby in the past, I hung out with all sorts of sugar babies. Some of them asked me to do strange things, such as recording a video of my car and sending it to them.

As much as I tried to put myself in their shoes and understand where they came from, I did not really like that, and my Gold Digger Alert went off. The whole point of sugar dating is to date with clear expectations. That is why we call it “Arrangement Dating”. You do not need to know how much money I have so long as I provide you with what we agreed upon.

So as a veteran sugar daddy my advice to you beautiful sugar babies is that “Do not be a gold digger” (or a Bitcoin digger – joking!).

Ways of making money as a sugar baby

There are several ways of making money as a sugar baby. Please know your local laws and regulations around dating before you engage in any of these methods. Paid sex is illegal in the United States for example, and you may find yourself in trouble if you get caught. Interestingly paid sex is legal in Australia. So as you see it is important to know what your local laws are around engaging in sexual acts (if you are willing to do si).

Ways of making money as a sugar baby

Pay Per Meet (PPM)

Pay Per Meet (or PPM in the sugar dating language) is a perfect option for those who are new to the sugar dating. Whether you are a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, if you are new to this kind of dating or if you have just started to meet a sugar daddy/baby having simple clear expectations can greatly help you have a smooth sailing.

Pay Per Meet is not necessarily Pay Per Sex. It can be Pay Per Date, Pay Per Chat, Pay Per Sex or Pay Per Companionship (e.g. in a business event).

In My Secret Babe you can choose the Pay Per Meet option if you are interested in it. Turning this option off will hide your profile from men who are looking for such an option.

Please bear in mind that if men were to pay a hefty amount of money for sex without feelings, they would have paid that to a high-end professional escort. If they explore the Sugar Daddy option, they want to pay less, more frequently, and have some connection with their female counterparts. This means that your PPM expectation should be realistic (less than an escort) and suitable for more frequent visits.

Weekly Allowance

A weekly allowance is a great option for simplifying things. You agree to meet the sugar daddy x times a week, and in return, he deposits x amount of money in your bank account every week.

Second-weekly and monthly allowances are also possible but hey are not as common.

The weekly allowance option is great if you do it after working with the PPM tool for a while. We all know that things happen in life, and you may not be able to meet your sugar daddy once. This should not sabotage your relationship if you have some level of trust and interest in each other. This is why I suggest that you practice the Pay Pet Meet method for a bit and then switch to weekly allowance.

Be Smart and Be Careful

As humen we get excited when we see a big opportunity and we stop thinking about it logically. This human brain’s flaw is often used by scammers to allure us into doddgy situations that we would have avoided at all costs. The same rule applies on sugar dating. If a weekly allowance is too good to be true it is most likely not real.

While moderating the profiles once, I came across the profile of a guy who claimed he would pay a weekly allowance of $3,500. When I saw this, I was like, “Oh wow, that is generous.” Then going through his photos, I noticed all his photos were taken in a shared room (most likely a dorm) and that he looked like anyone except someone who could afford to pay that kind of money (so we blocked his account!).

If someone is offering huge money, please don’t get too excited. Make your own reasonable offer and do your due diligence to ensure the guy is not a crook!

You are not Jennifer Lawrence

I will be super blunt here, but this is something some sugar babies need to know: You are not Jennifer Lawrence. I have seen sugar babies on My Secret Babe that are just ordinary college students. But when they sign up on My Secret Babe, they ask for a $3000 weekly allowance.

If you are serious about making money as a sugar baby, you must be realistic about it. Don’t throw a number and hope that it will stick. The best approach is to mention that you are open to the weekly allowance option and leave the actual amount when a sugar daddy makes an offer. You can then either accept it put your own counteroffer on the table.

And if you really think you are Jennifer Lawrence, you must get a role in Hollywood!

Gifts and Travel Companion

Why do you need the money? If you need financial assistance with your day-to-day life, you are better off sticking with the PPM and Weekly Allowance options. However, if you are a sugar baby to experience the finer thing in life, including traveling, nice bags and shoes, etc., you better think bigger and opt-in for gifts and traveling.

Traveling to Europe on business class flights and staying in 4+ star hotels may cost $15,000 to $20,000. Receiving some cash through casual dates would require you to meet so many men and save for a long time. But if you manage to fish a businessman sugar daddy who is also into traveling or travels for work, you can score some luxury trips to domestic or international destinations.

Get Paid By Sugar Baby Site

OK, this may seem unreal but it is very real. My Secret Babe is totally free for women. However men have to buy credits to speak to women, and to see their private photos. In My Secret Babe when a man spends some credits to read your first message or to message you for the first time (or to open your private photo album) we credit you 10% of that. Over time you accumulate this credit and you receive a payout in your PayPal account at the end of the month.

This is a great way for ladies who have become sugar babies to get quick cash and financial aids. Using My Secret Babe and receiving payouts enables you to take your time and look for your ideal sugar daddy.