What is a sugar baby

Do you remember a scene in Borat 2 movie where Tutar (Maria Bakalova) interviews a sugar baby to determine what a sugar baby is?

The sugar baby in that scene tells Tutar that a sugar baby is a weak and submissive woman who dates an older man and that the weaker she looks, the more money she earns!

Let’s see how true this stereotype is.

Having been a sugar daddy myself and having worked in a sugar dating business, I realized that women become sugar babies for a wide range of reasons. From my personal experience, I can categorize them as below:

My personal experience

When I joined a sugar dating website for the first time, I did it because I was tired of the disappointing dates. I was in my mid-30s when most decent women at my age were taken. I also prefer to date younger women, so I thought being a (young-ish) sugar daddy could potentially date much younger women.

I was also skeptical because I was stereotyping sugar daddies, and I somewhat believed they were gold diggers who would do everything to squeeze every penny out of me.

Very soon, I realized that I was wrong. Women on that website seemed very “normal.” Almost none of those women that I talked to were there to find a millionaire. They were just after some financial support and a bit of a nice company.

Wait, but that is not exactly what a sugar baby is

Although, as I said, most women I spoke to were on that sugar dating website to receive a bit of financial aid, not all women were there for that reason.

Some women were there to make easy cash. Thanks to the COVID-9 pandemic, they would claim that they meant to meet up, but they could not do it due to the pandemic. They were offering to exchange nude photos with money for the “time being.” I did not ever do it, but I am assuming if someone did that, there would be a fair chance that either the woman sent fake (stock) images or the guy would not pay after seeing the photos.

I think some of these women were really not into being sugar babies. They just wanted to hop on this trend and make some easy cash online. Although I am not passing the judgment, I would not categorize them as sugar babies.

Sex workers may lure in Sugar Dating websites

Another group of women included those who suggested the Pay Per Meet model. In My Secret Babe, we have an option for Pay Per Meet exactly because I experienced that some women were on the sugar dating websites selling sex.

The compensated sexual act is against the law in the United States (or at least in most states). Whether you sell sex or you buy it, you are breaking the law. For this reason, some of our members might not be into meeting a woman on a Pay Per Meet basis, so we worked this option to filter out people whose preference is different from you.

Anyway, some sugar babies merely sell sex. For example, if you are buying sex, e.g., you book escorts, this is a great option for you because these women charge much less than real escorts (I am not advertising this here. Once again, learn about your local laws around compensated sex).

The real sugar babies

I met a couple of younger women (21 years and 22 years old) who were what I call “real sugar babies.” They wanted to date an older guy. Their preferences were vastly different, though. One preferred a guy in his mid-30s, but the other one preferred someone around 50 years old. They had commons that they both did not sell sex, they were not after easy cash, and they wanted to be with an older guy who had a connection and mutual interests with them.

How much a sugar baby earns?

How much a sugar baby earns depends very much on the look and age of the woman. In the harsh and ruthless world of sugar dating, your age, look, style, and manner decide your worth. Wealthy, successful men use sugar babies as their travel companions. Sometimes they want to have a gorgeous young woman with them (instead of their older wife!) in business events because some of those meetings are all about status and show off.

Such men afford having a hot sugar baby just like they afford driving a Porsche.

Don’t worry though. This is not a rule. This is just an observation.