what to say to a sugar daddy in a message

As a young pretty woman, you probably have never needed to think about what you say to a guy on a dating app or when in a night club. But when you are on a high-class sugar dating website such as My Secret Babe, you are not dealing with inexperienced young guys with low self-esteem. You are speaking to successful and confident older guys who have high standards. So you really need to know what to say in a message to a sugar daddy so that you make a great first impression.

What to say to a sugar daddy to strike a conversation?

I have said this before but in case you do not know, I used to be a sugar daddy myself. And I can tell you first hand that what is the most off putting message that I could potentially receive: Hey what’s up!

Yes, that old lame opener that never worked for anybody. Yes, so many women send a one-line message that includes this or something similar. I can’t tell you how many times I received a notification from the website(s) that I had a new message. Then I spent credits and opened the message excitedly to see “hit me up, daddy”. Can you imagine how spammy that looks and how disappointing it is?

I get it, men are the culprit too

Sometimes it is hard to say anything meaningful in a more open message when the other person’s profile is empty! Guys, especially the successful ones, tend to be very private, so they shy away from uploading photos and filling up their profiles.

We are aware of this and we are working hard to find ways and incentives for men to encourage them to build up their profile. However meanwhile, there are things you can do to make up for it.

what to say to a sugar daddy in a message

Know what men look for

If you are asked “what a guy looks for in a guy”, you will most likely say “sex”. Although sex is never out of a man’s brain, you will be surprised to know that multiple surveys and studies have shown that “caring” and “kind” are the most used keywords by men on dating sites. I personally pulled all the male profile data and checked for the keywords they have used to explain what they are looking for. And yep, that is “Caring” that has been used the most.

Say something that shows you are caring

Now that you know the biggest secret about men, start your message with a sentence that shows you are genuinely a caring and kind lady. Try not to fake it as much as possible. However, if you come up with a good opener that works, please use it on every man on the website. They do not care so long as what you say is genuine.

Example of what you can say to a sugar daddy

As an example if you come up with a profile that has no photos and no details, you can start your message like this:

Hi <nickname>

How are you doing? What are you looking for on My Secret Babe? If you are after a kind and caring woman, you know where to find me 😉

You can be a bit more creative and write even a larger text but don’t forget to insert the Caring and Kind keywords in the first line!

Example of what to say to a sugar daddy that has photos

If a potential sugar daddy has photos and has written something in their profile, you better customize your message and tailor it according to what is seen in their photos.

For example, if the person has photos of when they travelled to somewhere nice, ask them about their best travel stories and let them know that you enjoy travelling.

Be polite and have class

Before I wrap up this short article, I need to remind you that on My Secret Babe, you will be chatting to successful, smart and educated men. So make sure your message is polite, grammatically correct and not greedy.